Whether you’re exploiting a bottomless prosecco brunch or just inhaling your post-drinking, greasy spoon’s so late in the day that you can no longer call it breakfast, Brunch is slowly becoming the most famous, current and unbeatable meal of the day.

However, we mustn’t forget the M&S’s, Boots and Tesco’s of this world that constantly build and vary their food and drink selection to satisfy our middle of the day, lunchtime needs.

Given that my mum works within very close walking distance of our house to her school, when we’d both feel particularly wild or were just finding a reason to “celebrate life”, we’d often make the most of the weekday afternoons I’d have off work and grab some lunch together.

Not that I’d ever turn down a black Americano anyway, but when this became the only element of lunch I felt entirely comfortable having, my mum and I didn’t quite feel the same pull towards Cafe Nero for lunch now, as we felt towards the cafe that sold jacket potatoes the size of your head, a couple of years ago. So unfortunately, the last 7 months since having been home from university, our lunchtime get-togethers became far from frequent or even when they did occur, they would see my mum enduring a milky latte that left her with the same sick feeling every time, just to suit my unintentionally selfish needs.

Friday 24th June, was a very negative day for a vast number of people (well 48.1%), but selfishly and completely non EU related, yesterday posed for me, a small ray of positivity. As I walked down the now disjoint streets of London, I began thinking and listening to my lunchtime needs and stomach cravings, something I’ve been finding exceptionally hard to do.

As we walked through town, Cafe Nero came and went by on our right, and some benches in the sun (surrounded by a crap load of people, FYI) loomed ahead. I know that sitting down together, talking politics and eating lunch, made my mum’s day yesterday because eating an M&S salmon, cucumber  and watercress sandwich on oatmeal bread, made mine. The first sandwich I’ve eaten in 2016.

Here’s again to more frequent lunch time get-togethers with my mum, sitting in what will hopefully be the sun, with perhaps a different sandwich in hand, as I make more small exits towards the doors of recovery.


  1. Katie,if you drop thefull stop from your title,I think you will believe,like me,that you are well on the way to winning the battle,congrats,seamus.


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