Ooh La La

If you’re yet to spend more than 80% of your time getting ready, dancing naked (or at least giving yourself a full on Joey Tribbiani, “How you doin’?”) in front of your full length mirror, then you are either far too composed, missing out, or it’s actually really 90% of your time.

Though you may have long ago decided that such prolific, tribal activity is best left for a soul cleansing, man-defying ritual to the gods of love and relationships around a bonfire, dancing naked for me however, has become somewhat of a pinnacle indicator down the ol’ Recovery Road.

I may not have mastered the dance floor debarring shuffle made popular by a generation I’d never be cool enough to integrate with, or the tantalising twerk that upon my attempts is probably best left to the Miley Cyrus’ of this world, I have however, almost certainly mastered my own rendition of ‘The Body Confidence Movement’. More often than not, a movement that just contains slightly lax forms of the different exercises you’d most likely find in a circuits class at the local gym. Who doesn’t love a good Jumping Jack on the dance floor anyway?

When once crying in front of my mirror, desperately unable to see anything but a huge elephant staring back at me, was but a daily occurrence, if not a bi-daily occurrence, to now being able to bop, bounce and big fish my way to liberation, completely starkers, is almost definitely a good thing. And certainly a big step… Even if my neighbours don’t quite think so.

Realising that some form of acceptance of my body and genetics, albeit relatively small, started to happen just the once in a blue moon, to happening twice, to now happening almost every consecutive day I don’t ram my greedy gut full of Whitworths dates, I knew instantly just how much I was getting over all the body image debacle. I’m learning to understand and accept that I was never made to be skinny (unless I bloody starve myself again) and I’m naturally just a bit of a muscle, macho man. And eh up, I think my butt is making its debut (Read: Ready or not bum, here I come). Thought that doesn’t mean I’ve fully accepted my naked dance moves. I think that still needs a bit of work.

To all the other naked mirror dancers out there… You’re looking good.

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