Strip Wax Bar: Review

If I were to revert back to the point at which I remember in the lead up to my very first wax, you’d have found my head in a packet of paracetamol, knocking back enough of a dose that would potentially mask the pain of a hundred tiny hairs being torn out of your private parts, while also Googling the latest forum of ‘How painful is a bikini wax?’.

Suffice to say, 8 or so years on, I’d probably still opt for the packet of paracetamol because I’m still yet to establish enough of a pain threshold that my body can actually handle that of a bikini wax. It still remains a god-awful experience of pain and irritation while also handing over my bank card to pay a small fortune for such torture.  

So, through a life of pain and strip waxing, I was delighted at the idea of being offered an intimate hot wax at Strip Wax Bar. It had the word intimate, so I felt feel sure in thinking it would be easy on the ol’ pain receptors, no? 

Strip Wax bar are a leading hair removal specialist and an iconic luxury British brand, with a number of chains in and around London. They pride on being “armed with the best waxing products for all skin types and a complete knowledge of the full waxing” and “ensuring a virtually pain-free wax”. I was immediately on board.

The Treatment

Although they had numerous other locations in London near me, I opted for their Islington branch, conveniently located on Upper Street and a mere 30-odd minute power walk from my work’s office (building up a sweat is exactly what you need before an intimate wax).

They’ve certainly nailed their marketing strategies, by combining a waxing studio alongside selling specially curated collection of high-end lingerie, swimwear, skincare and activewear in their boutiques, also. If you’re not swayed by their selection of lace and elegant lingerie after a fresh wax, then you’re probably too far into a relationship or you’re not doing single life right.

After being formally introduced to the beautician who was looking after me, shaking hands seemed somewhat too courteous seeing as I was about to expose more of my body to her than I probably have done my mum since that age of 6 or 7. 

Lying down and propped up comfortably, I settled in, spread-eagled across the bed, feeling lucky that I was able to watch a TV screen in front of me and avoid having to have the “so do you have any summer plans?” conversation that inevitably comes with many beauty treatments. 

The wait for the pain begins…

An intimate hot wax means applying the wax over the area, waiting for the wax to cool and peeling the wax off itself.

Still waiting for the pain to start…

The beautician reassuringly asked whether I was comfortable

Just get the pain over with.

Time had elapsed, as did the cooling process.

No pain!!

Overall the treatment lasted about 30 minutes, but it was the least painful, most comfortable waxing experience I’ve so far had in my 8 years of discovering waxing. I genuinely didn’t feel a lot of pain at all. 

The beautician made a point of explaining why hot wax is so much more preferable (more so than from a pain point of view) over strip waxing, is the effect hot waxing has on the hairs afterwards. She explained the damage that strip waxing can have on the hairs and the damage so far it had done to mine and the irritability it can cause during aftergrowth. Safe to say, I’m converted to hot waxing from here on out, though does the wax always have to be brown in colour? Let’s think about the area we’re applying this wax to here…

My experience of the place was fantastic and treatments aside, the staff were helpful, pleasant and clearly knew their stuff too. The number of people walking in and out for their range of treatments they offer speaks for itself. 

Though taking into consideration we’re in the centre of London, the Brazilian treatment I had would set you back £49 which in comparison to many other chains and brands, it stands relatively low in the affordability rankings. But you can’t put a price on pain and comfort.

For some of their other treatments, they have:

Staycation Package – For those wanting a summer glow for seasonal events or parties. It includes a full body spray tan, any bikini wax (if I haven’t yet convinced you to go for the intimate one, then do!) and an eyebrow wax for £89.

The Festival Freedom Package – While we’re well into the festival season, there’s still time to get prepped and fresh for the next one. This includes an underarm wax, any bikini wax, ½ leg wax, brow wax plus one small extra wax area of choice for £99. Anyone else now want to be a little more hairless?

The Beach Bum Package – For those wanting to hit the pool or sea with minimum maintenance or panda eye potential. It includes any bikini wax, full leg wax and a brow and lash tint for £99 also. 

To book any appointments or find out more about their packages, you can visit their website at where you can also find the individual numbers for specific locations.

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